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About QualityCode.com

In 1999, while trying to find a good domain name, I was stunned to discover that qualitycode.com was still available. Within a couple days, I had registered this domain. Later I set up hosting with WestHost, and in 2002 I switched to HasWeb as my web hosting provider.

After reading Kent Beck's Extreme Programming Explained in early 2000, I have become an Extreme Programming (XP) convert. You can read my reasoning here.

Although my background is mostly in C++, I am now a big Ruby fan. Ruby combines clean syntax and pure OO with many of the best elements of perl, python, and smalltalk. The resulting language is easy to understand, is very object oriented, and works well with XP practices.

I appreciate the advances that have resulted from having a standard consumer operating system platform, but I am deeply troubled by Microsoft's business practices. They have repeatedly broken the law, behaved unethically, and generally shown contempt for consumers, business partners, and competitors alike. Therefore, I am spending my time and money in alignment with my beliefs, and switched to Debian GNU/Linux on my home computer in 2000. I bought my current computer from Micronux in 2001, and they provided me with great service after the sale.

On other "political" notes, I am avoiding amazon.com because of their stupid one-click patent, and realnetworks because of their privacy abuses. I seek alternatives to PDF files because of Adobe's actions against Dmitry Skylarov (and also because pure HTML is a far simpler and more attractive format in most cases).